"Ion density of positive and negative ions at ambient pressure in air at 12–136 mm from 4.9 kV soft x-ray source"

Osmo Anttalainen, Elie Lattouf, Tapio Kotiaho, and Gary Eiceman

Review of Scientific Instruments 92, 054104 (2021);


"Parametric Sensitivity in a Generalized Model for Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Reactions"

Elie Lattouf, Osmo Anttalainen, Tapio Kotiaho, Hanna Hakulinen, Paula Vanninen, and Gary Eiceman

J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 32, 2218 (2021);

Mathematical models were developed using Matlab, files are downloadable and located on Jottacloud at:



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