In GIDPROvis, two original breakthrough technologies - Gas Ion Distillation (GID) and Sequential Ion Processing (PRO) - provide live visualization (vis) of volatile chemicals in ambient environments giving humans access to a molecular world heretofore unseen. Molecular auras in GIDPROvis are delivered by small, portable GIDPRO analyzers based on high speed separation of ions derived from individual chemicals and their identification using an emerging generation of ion analyzers. While GIDPROvis is principally technology driven, aspects of emotional responses of humans to massive access to chemical information, impacts from these perceptions and human psychology will be explored in simulated, controlled visual experiences of chemical auras. Our aim is to launch a fourth generation of methodology for chemical analysis aligned intrinsically to 5G and IoT communication with miniaturized, ultra-low detection level, live data analyzers to detect and identify chemicals in complex matrices.