SYGIS - Jebel Bishri - The Finnish Project in Syria

Project Leader: Minna Lönnqvist (present Minna Silver), PhD, Adj.Prof.

The cliffs of the escarpment at Tar al-Sbai on the southwestern edge of the mountain of Jebel Bishri in Central Syria. Photo: Jean-Pierre Matar 2000, © SYGIS.

Home Institution of the Former Project

University of Helsinki
Institute for Cultural Research
Department of Archaeology
P.O.B. 59 (Unioninkatu 38 F)
00014 University of Helsinki

Faculty of Arts
Department of Cultures
Unioninkatu 40
00014 University of Helsinki

Former co-operating parties

Syrian Antiquities Department, Syria

Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (now Aalto University)
Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

University of Helsinki, Finland
Faculty of Humanities
Institute for Asian and African Studies
now: Faculty of Arts
Department of Cultures

University of Oulu, Finland

Uppsala University, Sweden

University of Bergen, Norway

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany


The Academy of Finland

NordForsk (Nordic research board)

Sponsor Nokia Co.