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P.O 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 5A)
00014 University of Helsinki

I work as assistant professor (tenure-track) of education and director of Social Studies in Urban Education (SURE) research unit. My main fields of study are sociology of education and urban studies.

SURE-unit has several ongoing and newly starting research projects from pre-primary education through higher education, which can be found here:

Generally I teach in the Swedish-speaking programme of teacher education at all levels. During academic year 2021-2022 I hold a Master's Thesis seminar and doctoral seminar (SURE). SURE also teaches the course Critical Questions in Urban Education in the autumn 2021, and continues with the methodological Ethnography-course (doctoral level).

Currently I am not accepting new PhD candidates. There are some available positions for Master's Thesis work in the projects. The studies may be conducted in Swedish, Finnish or English.

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Working part-time in spring 2022, out of office on Wednesdays

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