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P.O 54 (Snellmaninkatu 14)
00014 University of Helsinki

I work as university lecturer in political history. I teach courses related to methodology and theory in historical research and the uses of past in present-day societies. I also supervise theses. I am also a member in research project titled “Sexuality and democracy: Exploring the links and re-thinking the concepts for feminist politics (SEXDEM)”. The project is funded by the Kone Foundation and the leader of the project is PhD Katja Kahlina.My work in the project analyses the concepts related to democracy in political discussion on homosexuality in Estonia and Sweden from he late 1980s onward. Earlier I worked on the transnational history of Finnish sex research in research project titled “Politics of reproduction, sexual health professionals and individual experiences in post-war Finland”. I defended my doctoral dissertation in 2018. In my dissertation I studied the construction of queer sexualities in Finnish and Estonian personal and cultural memories. I utilised life story writings and their collection as well as archives and public discussion on the past.

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