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P.O 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2)
00014 University of Helsinki

Academy prof. Markku Kulmala: Aerosol and environmental physics, Academician, ISI Highly Cited Researcher and ERC Advanced Grant holder (×2), Leader of INAR and ACCC Flagship. (~1200 publications, WoS H-index 124). The main focus of his research team has been (for all topics published papers either in Nature or in Science): 1) formation and growth mechanisms of atmospheric aerosols, dynamics of aerosols, air ions and clusters; 2) aerosol-cloud-climate interactions: 3) relationships between the atmosphere and different types of land surfaces; 4) Climate – air quality interactions. The backbone of his research is long-term data from the SMEAR (Stations Measuring the Earth Surface Atmosphere Relations) stations both in Finland and China. The SMEAR stations have versatile continuous, long-term measurements of mass and energy fluxes between atmosphere and biosphere, aerosol properties and biosphere-atmosphere CO2/trace gas/aerosol interactions (Kulmala et al., 2001; Hari et al., 2016). His recent interest has been in solving air pollution problems in complex air quality chemistry-physics and meteorology continuum

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