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P.O 53 (Fabianinkatu 28)
00014 University of Helsinki

International Exchange Services and Education Cooperation coordinates and develops student, teacher, researcher and staff mobility and services related to them. International Exchange Services is in charge of exchange agreements. In addition, the unit supports building international education projects and helps with applying for project funding. Specialists work with degree programmes as experts, coordinators, partners and funding administrators. The unit develops and maintains a Mobility Online application system and gives guidance in using it. Assistance is provided in exchange opportunities, submitting applications and mobility funding. International Exchange Services negotiates exchange agreements for University of Helsinki.

I work at Metsätalo services with the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Theology exchanges and agreements. At University level I coordinate mobility within the Nordic countries and work closely with the application system Mobility Online and Erasmus staff exchange program STT.

Our service e-mails are: (student mobility), (exchange agreements), (teacher exchange) and (international education projects)

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