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P.O 68 (Pietari Kalmin katu 5)
00014 University of Helsinki

- I teach a wide range of courses in applied geophysics (e.g. GEOM_S2011 Applied Geophysics, GEOM_S2012 Field Course of Solid Earth Geophysics, GEOM_S2031 Ground Penetrating Radar, GEOM_S2073 Seismic Structural Studies).
- Most recently my industry-related research has focused on the development of geophysical hard rock mineral exploration and mine planning methods. For example, our COGITO-MIN project 2016-2018 (funded through the ERA-MIN network), in collaboration with research institutions and industry partners from Finland and Poland, aimed to develop cost-effective, novel active and passive seismic exploration methods. We are also a partner in the large H2020 Smart Exploration project 2018-2020 (
- My other current research interests include for example utilization of geophysical methods (e.g. ground penetrating radar) in hydrogeological and environmental studies.

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