Field of science
P.O 68 (Pietari Kalmin katu 5)
00014 University of Helsinki

I am an Associate Professor in the Institute of Seismology in the Department of Geosciences and Geography and leader of the Helsinki University Geodynamics Group. My research group studies deformation of the lithosphere (the rigid outer layer of the Earth) and how the lithospheric deformation is affected by surface erosional processes and magmatism. I am also associated with the Geology and Geophysics Research Program.

I am a teacher in the Solid Earth Geophysics study track of the Geology and Geophysics Master's Program and the Bachelor's Program in Geosciences, and am associated with the English-language Bachelor's Program in Science.

Finally, I am the head of the well-being group in the Department of Geosciences and Geography and contact person for gender equality / non-discrimination issues.

You can find additional information about me in my CV.

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