Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and HOH Helsinki One Health Researcher Forum 2021

The 2021 Researcher Forum was held as an online event on Monday August 16th. The forum featured keynote lectures by Lisa Boden (U Edinburgh) and Anne Toppinen (UH), as well as short presentations by HOH and faculty members. 


Monday August 16, 2021


9:00 Opening and HOH Current Topics

        Olli Peltoniemi, HOH Director and Vice Dean on Research

9:15 Keynote lecture: Science for sustainability transition, lesson from HELSUS

        Anne ToppinenHELSUS Director

        Chair Janne Lundén

10:00 Member presentations 1a: Infectious diseases

        Leena Hanski - Sustainable antichlamydial therapies and biomarkers

        Sanna Aarnio - Chlamydiales-bacteria in Finnish birds

        Eili Huhtamo - Mosquito-borne viruses in Finland

        Anna Hielm-Björkman - Validating the COVID-19 detection dogs

        Chair Anna-Riia Holmström

10:45 Break

11:00 Member presentations 1b: Interacting organisms

        Tuomas Aivelo - Urban wildlife feeding as a human-animal interaction

        Mikael Niku - Crosstalk between the maternal microbiota and the developing fetus

        Anna Mykkänen - New trends in equine research

        Mikko Kosola - Food control inspection results and incidence of foodborne illnesses

        Chair Anna-Riia Holmström

11:45 Lunch break

12:30 Faculty current topics

        Antti Sukura, Dean

12:45 Keynote lecture: The future of One Health

        Lisa Boden, University of Edinburgh

        Chair Annamari Heikinheimo

13:30 Break

13:45 Member presentations 2a: Therapies and biomarkers

        Anna-Riia Holmström - Medication safety risks in veterinary practice

        Marja Raekallio - The journey of an academic innovation to a pharmaceutical product

        Virpi Sali - Novel salivary biomarker, adenosine deaminase, for veterinary medicine

        Emilia Gordin - Novel acute kidney injury biomarkers in dogs

        Chair Anna Mykkänen

14:30 Break

14:45 Member presentations 2b: Animal diseases and models

        Michael Jeltsch - Origins of the vascular system

        Thomas Spillmann - FIN-SAGAS – applied clinical research in small animal gastroenterology

        Tarja Pääkkönen - NeuroPet - reseach in neurological diseases

        Manal Hemida - DogRisk: Dietary risk factors of canine non-communicable diseases

        Chair Anna Mykkänen

15:30 Closing of the forum