Study at the Open University in autumn 2016

Registration for the first courses this autumn will begin in July.

This autumn, the Open University will again offer Finnish-language study modules and individual courses in dozens of disciplines in the form of lectures, online courses as well as book and electronic examinations. Most of the study programmes will be published by early July. Individual courses organised this autumn and next spring will also be announced in the autumn.

Courses in English:

New registration process

You can register for courses flexibly throughout the year: registration begins at noon 45 days before the beginning of the course or module. For example:

  • If studies begin on 6 September, registration begins at noon on 23 July.
  • If a course begins on 25 October, registration begins at noon on 10 September.

For detailed registration dates, click on Enrol in the relevant study programme.

  • You can register for studies until they begin. To check the registration status, click on Enrol in the relevant study programme.
  • For the registration dates and practices of the Open University’s partner institutions, see the study programmes.

Study fees

  • The study fee of 15 euros per credit is payable online upon registration.
  • Registration is binding; see registration and payment terms.
  • A study fee can be refunded (for the sum exceeding 75 euros) only on receipt of a doctor’s certificate or if the Open University cancels the instruction. 
  • Study fees and cancellation terms vary at the Open University’s partner institutions.

More information on registration and fees

Changes to student advice services

This summer, the advice services offered to those interested in Open University studies or needing information on registration has moved to the University’s Admissions Services. Contact

If you already study at Open University, please contact Siltavuori student services (for transcript of studies or changing your name)

Before you contact student advice services, please carefully read the information on the following webpages: