What's happening in the USP Master's Programme?

The professors and teachers of the Master's Programme in Urban Studies & Planning are busy coordinating and planning the courses for the first semester. Catch up with the progress of the programme to learn more about the content of the upcoming courses!

The teaching in the USP Master's Programme will begin on September 11th. The preceding weeks (35 & 36) are reserved for student orientation, informal student get-togethers and taking care of practicalities (literature search etc.), so make sure you will be in Helsinki by August 28th! International students get step-by-step guidance also from the Helsinki Programme.

It has been decided that the weekly schedule of the USP Master's Programme during the first semester (autumn 2017) consists of lectures and group work in four courses: 

  • Introduction to Urban Studies & Planning (10 ECTS) / Monday
  • Research Methods (5 ECTS) / Wednesday
  • Urban GIS and Visual Tools (5 ECTS) / Wednesday
  • Urban Challenge Studio (10 ECTS) under theme: "Confused suburban identities." / Thursday & Friday

Tuesdays are reserved for independent studying and reading groups, special events and management.

Urban Studies & Planning weekly schedule


The "Introduction to Urban Studies & Planning" course includes a series of weekly "hot talks" on various topics, each of which will be explored in more depth in the other courses. The hot talks topics include: 

  • Burning suburbs
  • Logics, dna & nature
  • HEL of a city - Urban representations
  • Spiky world
  • The long now
  • "Nothing happens" districts
  • Not in my backyard
  • The personal is political
  • Dysfunctional urban ecosystems
  • Non-planning and self-organization
  • Programming vs. drawing

In the beginning of the autumn semester, there will be a two-night excursion to Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa on September 13-15, 2017.  The excursion offers the new USP students an opportunity to get to know each other and to gain first-hand knowledge of suburban development in the context of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Details about the programme will be announced later. 

More information about studying in the Master's Programme in Urban Studies & Planning is available here.

Please note that the courses are subject to change.