Webinars on Master's Programmes

Would you like to learn more about our Master's Programmes? Would you like to hear insights and experiences on studies, career and life in Helsinki? We have great news for you! We are offering a series of seven webinars for you to learn more about studying at the University of Helsinki. During this webinars you will learn more about the University of Helsinki in general, more about the Master's programmes and how to apply.

Webinar 3.11.2016: Study European and Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

Are you interested in European and Nordic issues? Do you enjoy studying in a multidisciplinary and international atmosphere? Come and experience Europe and the North yourself in the multidisciplinary ENS programme at the University of Helsinki – a highly ranked Nordic university in Finland's capital.

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Webinar 8.11.2016: Study Translational Medicine at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

The Master's Programme in Translational Medicine (TRANSMED) is organized by the UH Faculty of Medicine, located on the Baltic seaside. As part of The Academic Medical Center Helsinki, we are able to provide our students unique study experiences through collaboration with the Helsinki University Hospital. The programme is built upon three themes: Research skills, Human disease and Communication skills.

In your studies, you can specialise either in Neuroscience and psychobiology, Cancer, Regenerative medicine, Metabolic disorders, or Cross-disciplinary translational medicine. A special feature of the programme are student centred, interactive approaches to teaching, the multidisciplinary student community, and involvement of clinical teachers and top researchers in the TRANSMED education.

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Webinar 9.11.2016: Study Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

Would you like to truly make a difference in the life of all the people around you and make the living environment better? Tackle the challenges by studying Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Helsinki in Finland.

Urbanization is a global phenomenon that determines the future of our societies. Most of the key challenges of contemporary societies are encountered and hopefully addressed in cities. The magnitude of such challenges implies that no single field of research or profession can tackle them alone. Urban development requires an integrated approach. To this end, two prominent Finnish universities have joined forces in this unique and interdisciplinary Master's programme.

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Webinar 16.11.2016: Study Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

Are you looking to be a future expert in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics? This international programme at the prestigious University of Helsinki trains environmental and resource economists for careers in universities, research institutes, public service and business. Students graduating from the Master's Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics will have the ability to identify the socio-economic drivers of natural resource use and environmental degradation, analyze the effects of policies on the environment and natural resource use, formulate recommendations to support decision making in both the public and private sector, apply microeconomics theory and quantitative methods (econometrics, analytical and numerical dynamic modelling, game theory).

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Webinar: 22.11.2016 Study Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

We are conscious, we sense, we feel and act because of our brain. The brain coordinates and is affected by bodily functions, and it integrates the information about the outside world carried by our senses – it is the most central player in the physiology of the whole body. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field of science that studies the brain and the entire nervous system at different levels of organization, from genes and molecules to nerve cells and networks; and beyond. The focus of interest in a neuroscientist's research may lie in understanding the neurobiological bases of behaviour, analysing the functional roles of a single molecule, or in developing novel treatments to neurological disorders or sensory deficits.

The Master's Programme in Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a scientifically vibrant international environment. You will be taught by scientists who will provide you with a wide spectrum of opportunities for practical training and for becoming integrated into the stimulating neuroscience community. When you graduate, you will master essentials of neuroscience and have deeper knowledge and skills in subfields of your choice.

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Webinar 23.11.2016: Study Economics at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

The Master's Programme in Economics at the University of Helsinki prepares you for demanding economist careers in business and the public sector. Typically economists are employed in administrative, planning and development duties requiring economic expertise in various national and international organisations.Examples include an analyst career involving risk management, asset pricing and investment strategy, different jobs related to analysing the market, production and pricing in firms, assessment and planning of economic policy, and communication.

Analytical skills and knowledge of quantitative methods are of central importance in an economist's work. In particular, government, financial institutions, central banks and different national and international organisations as well as business employ economists.

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Webinar 29.11.2016: Study Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland!

In the Master's programme in Computer Science you will become an expert in the field you choose!

You will have access to the focus areas of scientific research in computer science at the University of Helsinki: algorithms, distributed or networked systems, or software engineering. You will gain lasting professional skills for specialist, design, or managerial positions in the corporate world, or in research and doctoral education, since the Master's programme in computer science creates an aptness for both independent working and multi-professional teamwork.

The investment in quality teaching within the education programmes in computer science at the University of Helsinki has been premiered repeatedly in national and international teaching assessments. The student-centred, in-depth learning forms a solid basis for life-long learning. Studying at the leading research unit for computer science in Finland offers students constant interaction with current research and insight into the development patterns within the field.

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