USP Student Guide Book created for new students

During summer 2019, an international team of students created an USP Guide Book for students beginning their studies in the Autumn. The book is from USP students to USP students, and provides a great variety of useful information about studying in the programme in both the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.
The cover of USP student guide book


The team behind this Student Guide Book consists of Katie Butcher, Fanny Hatunpää, Asta Hiippala and Riina Ruus-Prato. The Guide Book aims to make the academic journey of new USP students easier to navigate within two universities, seven target degrees, five campuses, three study tracks, one thesis and much much more.

The Guide Book sheds light on different university customs, traditions and systems that might seem abstract to new USP students at first. The team of students collected all the information they believed new  students might need, and provided links to places where to find more information. The Guide Book was created during summer 2019 and will be updated annually.

Guidebook available online: