Urban Challenge Studio III to study Peltosaari suburb in Riihimäki

In Autumn 2018, the USP course Urban Challenge Studio III (10cr) will explore the Peltosaari suburb in the City of Riihimäki. With the help of multidisciplinary lectures, students will familiarize themselves with the special features of the studio topic - SHARING. The course is organized together with the Housing in Urban Context studio (ARK-E4500) by Aalto University.

The aim of UCS III is to introduce, teach and practice the fundamentals of problem-based empirical urban research and design processes. The students will learn to familiarize with the special features of regional planning and design, based on the topic of the studio. Students will learn to understand how different theories, types of data and methods can be mixed and used together in confronting contemporary urban challenges. Students will look into a suburban context by e.g.:

  • Socio-spatial strategies
  • Infill structures and management
  • Sharing economy and communality
  • Living solutions and urban design

After completing the course, students will have capability for critical thinking and setting the research question as part of the assignment. Students will understand design processes and are familiar with design problematics and practices in demanding design assignments.

Back in Peltosaari

The object of study is a Peltosaari -named high-rise suburb in the city of Riihimäki, situated on the northern outskirt of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. A case study on the historical background, development and problems of the suburb has been made in a similar course in 2009 (Miten kehittää lähiötä – Tapaustutkimus Riihimäen Peltosaaresta, metropolin laidalta, Suomen Ympäristö 46/2009, ARA). Now the aim is to make a follow-up on the developments during the last decade, with special emphasis on the effects of the attempts of urban renewal in the area since 2009. The aim is to produce new interpretations and initiatives in developing programs of urban renewal in the high-rise suburbs in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Course timing

The course takes place in Autumn 2018 during periods 1 and 2 every Thursday at 13-17, starting on the 13th of September. The course consists of a site visit, lectures and assignments, which are analyzed in groups in workshops. The workshops will prepare the students for individual work, and the students will produce a personal research exploration in form of a report.

The course is targeted to 2nd year USP Master students, Geography and Sociology students from the University of Helsinki and USP-RE students from Aalto University. Students must register through UH or Aalto Weboodi. The responsible teacher to contact is Karin Krokfors (karin.krokfors[at]aalto.fi) and Matti Kortteinen (matti.kortteinen[at]helsinki.fi).

Welcome to the course!