Studying on top of the world, literally!

There’s this place you might not even know about. A place up north. A quirky capital of Finland, a city named Helsinki. Helsinki is so much more than at first meets the eye. In a land of thousand lakes, the capital is home to cutting-edge design, innovative start-up scene, top of the world education & an utterly delicious gastro scene.

In international university rankings, the University of Helsinki typically ranks among the top 100, out of more than 17,000 universities worldwide. The university is the oldest one in Finland and has been contributing to our society through scientific research ever since 1640. There sure are several factors that make the University of Helsinki stand out from the crowd. It’s not only the forefront research or the far-advanced scientific approach but also the innovative solutions that make it a great place to study. There are altogether 4 campuses; City Centre Campus, Kumpula Campus, Meilahti Campus & Viikki Campus.

Get creative at Helsinki University Main Library

Helsinki University Main Library is a leading edge architectural wonder in the centre of Helsinki, catering for academics in the biggest university library in all Finland. Knowing that Finns are leading the world in design, the library is an innovative and inspiring environment for those long days of study. You can lay down on one of the many colorful armchairs or plop down on a cozy chair in front of the big windows while letting the sunlight flow in to ensure you will not get tired halfway through your assignments.

And what’s more, upstairs of the library hides a sunny terrace with breathtaking views over the skyline of Helsinki, a place that not even many of the locals know about.

Let your ideas fly at Think Company

With one of the world’s most innovative startup scenes, Helsinki is home to multiple creative spaces and communities among like-minded entrepreneurs. The city of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki founded Think Company to offer a space for students, researchers and entrepreneurs to brainstorm and network with each other. The city and its university are pushing its young to the path of entrepreneurship, and thus Helsinki has become somewhat an oasis for starting a business.

What’s more, the idea of Think Company is to bring together people from different industries, to offer a platform of opportunity for new innovations.

Immerse yourself into the Finnish coffee culture at Think Corner

Helsinki has one of the most exciting café scenes in the Nordics, which is probably an outcome of the fact that Finns drink the most coffee in the world. Taken that matter into account, the university also offers its own cafés for university students and professors to help them stay caffeinated throughout the day.

Think Corner is an extension of the vast café scene in Helsinki. It’s a place for students and other creatives and academics to come work in over a cup of cappuccino. A meeting place that brings together state-of-the-art research, the public and locals, mixing science with café, and business with pleasure. Think Corner serves the trendiest hipster drinks and snacks in town, catering perfectly for its young international crowd of students.

And now The University of Helsinki’s Think Corner is developing and expanding. The new Think Corner will open in the old Administration Building in 2017.

Advanced medical research at Biomedicum

Of the 4 campuses, two are located in the city centre. Meilahti Campus is only a few tram stops away from the City Centre Campus. The modern campus, also known as Biomedicum is a centre for medical research and training serves as a bridge between academia and industry, offering top-level facilities for research and training in medicine.

A study culture unlike any other

There’s one thing you need to know about us Finns and about living in Finland. You are about to make friends for a lifetime. At first, we may seem a bit unusually reserved, but that’s only due to our lacking ability to small talk. But once you get to know a Finn, you will have a friend for the rest of your life. If a Finn ever asks you how you are doing, they truly want to know – they want to know both the good and the bad, all that you wish to share with a friend. We might just be the most honest people you will meet, honestly.

Like us Finns, the study culture at the University of Helsinki is unlike any other. Finland is a very low-hierarchy country, which makes us all equals here. We call professors by their first names and have no strict dress codes – this is a place where it is ok to wear wool socks and cozy jumpers on most occasions. Over here, it’s ok to be exactly who you are. 

Finns are hard workers, which also applies in studying. But Finns have somehow mastered the art of work/life balance and appreciate their free time. Thus there is always something going on from big parties to small gatherings. Finland has many active student associations. They also organize activities for foreign students. In student associations, you can easily meet new people.

The University of Helsinki tempts people from all around the world, so its culture is very dynamic and international. You won’t just make Finnish friends during your studies, but friends from all over the world.

To learn more about the Campuses of the University of Helsinki and its innovative solutions: check the study environment section!