Open positions - pro gradu position available

We are looking for a motivated student to perform a pro gradu project on the relationship of RAB24 and the autophagy protein ATG9.

Pro gradu –position available on
Interaction of RAB24 with the autophagy protein ATG9

In autophagy, cells transport cytoplasmic material and organelles to lysosomes for degradation and recycling. The cytoplasmic cargo is first enwrapped in a membrane-bound vesicles, the autophagosome, which then delivers the cargo to lysosomes.

Autophagy maintains cellular homeostasis by recycling unnecessary or harmful components like nonfunctional organelles and aggregate-prone proteins. Autophagy also functions as a stress response, for instance by producing nutrients from redundant cytoplasmic components during starvation. Our group recently showed that the small GTPase RAB24 functions during late steps of autophagosome clearance.

Yla-Anttila, P., E. Mikkonen, K.E. Happonen, P. Holland, T. Ueno, A. Simonsen, and E.L. Eskelinen. 2015: RAB24 facilitates clearance of autophagic compartments during basal conditions. Autophagy. 11:1833-1848.

The topic of the pro gradu –thesis is to investigate the relationship of RAB24 and the autophagy protein ATG9. Methods will include cell culture, transfections, immunofluorescence staining, western blotting and immunoprecipitation.

The work will be done at the Department of Biosciences, research group Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen, in Cultivator II (Viikinkaari 4) at the Viikki campus. The student will get a personal fellowship (1100 € per month, three months) for the duration of the practical work.

Please send your application, including a CV, to by March 31, 2017.