New at the University and plenty of questions to ask? The Ask Me! campaign helps you get started

The Ask Me! campaign encourages new members of the University community to ask questions about student life and everyday activity at the University. Pink badges and logos identify the people who can answer these questions.

Where in the Porthania building is the P417 lecture room? What about the nearest UniCafe? Where can I borrow books or find a quiet place to study?

The entire University community is very much looking forward to the new academic year and new members of the community. To make their start as smooth as possible and the threshold for asking questions as low as possible, the Ask Me! campaign is held from 31 August to 4 September 2020. 

In the first week of teaching, the pink Ask Me! logo guides those with questions in the right direction. The logo can be found on the profiles of University employees and students, as well as on the University’s Instagram profile @universityofhelsinki. During the week, a variety of University entities will take turns on Instagram, answering questions in their stories. 


31 August
Student Services specialists take to the @universityofhelsinki profile (the day of the University’s opening ceremony).

1 September
Helsinki University Library contributes to the Ask Me! campaign through its Instagram profile @helunilib.

2 September
The Student Union of the University of Helsinki describes its activities and answers questions on its @hyy_hus profile.

3 September
The sports services provider UniSport answers questions on its @unisportfi profile.

4 September
Think Corner, our event venue, answers questions and introduces itself on its @Tiedekulma profile.