Meet Kimmo Vehkalahti

The Master's Programme in Urban Studies & Planning hosts lectures by several distinguished scholars. During this summer and autumn, we have the great pleasure of introducing some of them. The first one is Kimmo Vehkalahti, an Adjunct Professor of Applied Statistics, who will give a lecture on statistical analysis in October.
Kimmo Vehkalahti

My name is Kimmo Vehkalahti. I am an Adjunct Professor (aka "Docent") of Applied Statistics - an area that is applied everywhere, in all (im)possible fields. Currently I work as a University Lecturer at the Centre for Research Methods in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki (UH). In 2013, I had the honor of becoming nominated as a Fellow of the Teachers' Academy of UH.

I am inspired by students' learning. Teaching facilitates learning.

My passion is Statistics - "Data Science" - especially working with multidimensional data and visualizing it, measuring phenomena in social and behavioral sciences, and getting excited about digital humanities as well as doing statistical computing of open data sets using open tools, such as R.

My heroes and guiding lights include, e.g., the following super characters:

I teach courses that are wide open to everyone interested, for example: