Future plans for Haaga's development suggested at Urban Challenge Studio 1

The final course works of Urban Challenge Studio 1 investigated the Haaga area in Helsinki from an interdisciplinary perspective. In their course works, students detected several urban development challenges and provided solutions with bold future plans. The results were presented at a final critique event on December 14th at Aalto University.
usp final critique 2

Professor Kimmo Lapintie giving a commentary on the Urban Challenge Studio 1 student works. 

usp studio work babak & mika

Master students Babak Firuuzi Fooladi and Mika Korhonen studied distance as one factor behind apartment price development in Haaga. 

Urban Challenge Studio 1 is one of the core courses the USP students engage during their first Autumn semester. The course provides an introduction to challenge-driven and research-based practice in urban planning and design. The course alternates between scales – from macro to micro perspectives as well as in present-day situations complemented with historical and future perspectives.

The idea is to conduct training in research and planning through project work within the studio theme. This year the theme was "trans-urbanism" with a special focus on the Haaga area in Helsinki. The project work was guided through a series of practical tasks, supported by lectures, seminars, reading, writing and tutorials. Students were tutored both in inter-disciplinary groups and by tutors specialized in their professional skills.

The studio began with a two-day excursion through the suburbs of Helsinki area, from Myllypuro to Leppävaara, for students to gain a broad understanding of the complexities of (sub)urban development in Finland. You can read more about the excursion here

In their project works, students focused on Haaga area in the western part of Helsinki. Students investigated Haaga from various perspectives through literature, on-site observations, interviews and online data sources. Students worked both in groups and individually, concluding the work into articles which will be soon published. In their final critique event on the 14th of December, students proved to have acquired practical knowledge in analysing, visualizing and responding to various urban development challenges in the area.

Students works can be read in the Urban Challenge Studio 1 blog platform.

usp cousre work Nandra Mendes

Master student Nandara Mendes drafted a design proposal for public spaces in Haaga.


usp course work anna ahlgren

Master student Anna Ahlgren looked into the visual representations of Helsinki's Master Plans 2005-2018.   

usp course work by Egle Pilipaviciute

Master student Egle Pilipaviciute proposed a model for densified Haaga with new opportunities for social interactions in and between public spaces.  

The final critique event was the highlight of the USP Autumn semester. Throughout their project works, students have showed dedication and bright talent. Teachers will stay eagerly waiting for the students final articles. Great work everyone!

usp final critique 2