What is it like to study in Helsinki?

Eemu Ranta tells that he did his BSc in Stockholm, Sweden and moved over to Helsinki a year ago for his Masters. "As a new Master's student at the University of Helsinki I was astonished to have such high degree of freedom in selecting my courses from a broad catalogue.

This meant that I could nurture my interest in geophysics to complement my main subject, bedrock geology.  I soon found myself in the middle of a tight schedule. However, I have been able to manage because the staff here is always very helpful and easy to approach. Also, most of the courses have been excellent!  Currently, I'm working on my MSc thesis on Greenlandic carbonatites. Access to top notch geochemical laboratories at the department and encouragement from my supervisors has allowed me to produce publishing quality scientific data. 

Last but not least: Studying here has also been lots of fun because of all the awesome fellow students!"