Päivi Haapasaari stresses the importance of social sciences for holistic risk analysis

Social sciences have the tools to analyse human behavior in risk situations

Risks in the current society are ever more complex, uncertain and ambiguous. In her article in Helsingin Sanomat 13.7.2020, Päivi Haapasaari stresses the need for interdisciplinary risk analysis to support decision making on managing such risks. She also highlights the need for social sciences as part of holistic risks analyses. Social sciences can bring in a key factor, human behavior, in the analyses; most risks are caused by humans. People also suffer from risks, and can manage them.  The article ends with a call for allocating resources at universities for developing and teaching risk analysis and management practices. Interaction between faculties and disciplines is needed for the development of skills, and holistic approaches and methodologies.

Päivi Haapasaari: Riskianalyysi tarvitsee yhteiskuntatieteitä, Helsingin Sanomat 13.7.2020.