New paper: Forage Fish as Food: Consumer Perceptions on Baltic Herring

Mia Pihlajamäki and co-authors conducted an internet-based survey to explore consumers’ eating habits relating to Baltic herring and salmon in the four Baltic Sea countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Sweden

The new publication by Pihlajamäki and others addresses the contribution potential of forage fish to sustainable diets from consumers' perspective by exploring the drivers and barriers of the consumption of Baltic herring.

The paper concludes that prioritizing forage species primarily for human consumption calls for proactive catch use governance, which (1) acknowledges the species- and country-specific intricacies of forage fish consumption, (2) improves the availability of safe-to-eat fish on the market, and 3) provides consumers with sufficient information on the species (e.g., the type of herring and its origin), the sustainability of the fisheries, and the related health risks and benefits.

Pihlajamäki, M-E., Asikainen, A., Ignatius, S., Haapasaari, P. & Tuomisto, J., 2019, Forage Fish as Food: Consumer Perceptions on Baltic Herring. Sustainability, 11: 16.