Baltic Warriors LARP

September 2015 Susanna participated in the Baltic Warriors LARP first as an expert, and then as a player...

Baltic Warriors was is a series of larps produced in 2015 designed to explore environmental
issues concerning the Baltic Sea, particularly eutrophication. We seek to make the issues more immediate by using tactics like participation and mythologization where abstract concepts like eutrophication are given tangible form in the shape of zombies. To make sure that game events get properly contextualized with the real-life issues, we created  a panel discussion featuring experts on the field following the larp. The panelists was scientists, politicians and and activists from national and international NGO's active in the Baltic Sea region. In each country we collaborated with universities, scientific institutes and ministries of environment, as well as organisations like HELCOM, the Baltic Sea Action Group, Oceana, the Coalition Clean Baltic, and the Estonian Fund for Nature.

The effect on this was bigger than we expected and many organisations was impressed but the way we managed to explore and show a questions that is normally hidden from peoples eyes.