URBAN ACADEMY HELSINKI:  Platform for Urban Research and Development

The Urban Academy is a new strategic collaboration platform and network between the City of Helsinki, University of Helsinki and Aalto University that combines interdisciplinary research, education and city development within the fields of urban research, planning and design. The network also supports and creates interdisciplinary research projects focusing on the topical urban questions and challenges in the Helsinki Capital Region.
The vision for the URBAN ACADEMY cooperation is to co-create a better, more sustainable and attractive city together. Through URBAN ACADEMY collaboration we are hoping to achieve higher quality of research and teaching and more relevant research for the benefit of the whole region. The goal is also to learn from each other: researchers and students will learn how the city works and the city officials will learn how to use and implement academic research better. 
Since 2014 URBAN ACADEMY has been offered as multidisciplinary minor study programme for Bachelor level students of University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The new Urban Studies & Planning Master’s programme is built on the experience and already established collaboration structures between the two universities and the City of Helsinki.  The USP programme will continue working with the cities of the region by studying real development cases and urban processes - especially in the challenge driven USP studios.