New Perspectives on Russia and Eurasia – open seminars for all         

The Aleksanteri Institute has a strong tradition of hosting high profile open seminars and lectures in the fields of Russian, East European and Eurasian studies. In recent years we have organised roughly 60 open, scholarly events annually. To make it easier for our friends and colleagues to find our events, we have since Autumn 2018 gathered a big part of them under a new seminar series, New Perspectives on Russia and Eurasia.

New Perspectives on Russia and Eurasia gives floor to scholars from the Aleksanteri Institute to showcase their on-going work, but also invites in presenters from the Institute’s extensive domestic and international network to speak of their latest research. It provides deep scholarly information on social, political and cultural issues of today, but also about their background and the processes leading to them. We stress high academic quality and aim at providing a fruitful setting for dialogue. The series welcomes both advanced PhD students and esteemed international academics to present and discuss the diverse phenomena around Russia and Eurasia.

The series has so far introduced the participants to China’s climate policies and 19th century Russian circular panorama theatre. In September we continue with a presentation on hybrid threats by Director of Strategic Planning and Responses, European CoE for Countering Hybrid Threats, Dr. Hanna Smith, and in October we have the pleasure of hosting among others,  Professor Alexey Miller from the European University in St. Petersburg, who will be talking about memory politics in Russia.

The Aleksanteri Institute encourages open dialogue between different disciplines and academic cultures. We also have a strong belief in societal outreach. That is why our seminars are open and free to all, and require no registration. As the seminar schedule is very much alive, it’s wise to check the dates, times and venues of each gathering at the seminar site or the University’s event calendar close to the event. New events are also likely to be added onto the programme along the way. If you would like to present your work in New Perspectives, please contact Professor Vladimir Gel'man or Dr. Margarita Zavadskaya.