This event focused on university democracy, autonomy, trust, openness and culture of governance. How could we increase openness and trust between the university administration and scholars? And more crucially, is it appropriate to run the university as a business?

Organiser: Global Politics and Communications degree programme, University of Helsinki.
Moderator: Dr. S.M. Amadae


Performance by Club for Five

Keynote: President Tarja Halonen
Keynote: Professor Teivo Teivainen, University of Helsinki
Keynote: Stinne Vognaes, GPC alumni who has written MA thesis on the role of the university in civil society

Panel discussion with:

President Tarja Halonen
Prof. Jukka Kekkonen
Prof. Heikki Patomäki
Prof., President of The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers Maija S. Peltola
Director Laura Rissanen, Employers' union Sivista

Questions and Answers with the audience