Establishing an anniversary campaign

Establishing an anniversary campaign is easy and effortless. We will help you choose a suitable donation target, tailor a fitting message for your invitation and tell you how to monitor the progress of your anniversary campaign.

Donation target

You can allocate your donations to a number of existing funds or establish an anniversary campaign of your own to support a field of your choice. Currently operational funds that support students and researchers of the relevant field include the Fund for Arts and Social Sciences and the Fund for Medicine. The National Library Cultural Heritage Fund serves to accumulate our common literary heritage. See a list of all of our funds is available here.

If you are unable to find a suitable fund, we are happy to help you find an appropriate target for your anniversary donations. If you wish to allocate your donation to a specific purpose, a named fund can be established in addition to allocating the donations to a discipline-specific fund. Such memorial funds can be established when the total of accrued donations exceeds €2,000.


If you wish to establish an anniversary campaign with us, please contact our fundraising liaison managers. We will help you choose a donation target and draw up a message to your donors, in addition to establishing a personal anniversary campaign website for you, if you so wish. We will also report on the accrual and use of the funds, as well as help you say thanks to those who have made a donation to your campaign.

As the organiser of an anniversary fundraising campaign, you are also welcome to join Club Giraffe, our donor community.

Our liaison managers can be reached by email at lahjoittajasuhteet(at) or by phone, 02941 21650. You can also contact us by regular mail: Community Relations, PO Box 53 (Fabianinkatu 32), 00014 University of Helsinki.