Call for Papers open for the 18th Annual Aleksanteri Conference

The 2018 Aleksanteri Conference "Liberation - Freedom - Democracy? 1918-1968-2018" takes a comparative look at the Eastern European societies and their politics over the past 100 years. Call for papers and panels is open until 14 May, 2018.

The Annual Aleksanteri Conference will take place on October 24 -26, 2018 at the University of Helsinki. This year the focus is on the multiple commemorations of historical events that shaped the development of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia: end of the Great War in 1918 and the disintegration of old Empires, beginning of the Cold War around 1948, Prague Spring in 1968...  When we look back to these previous 100 years – we can ask ourselves: Did liberation mean freedom? Did freedom mean democracy? Did democracy bring security, well-being, and equality for the people? And is democracy irreversible?   

The keynote speakers of the conference are: 

  • Professor Grzegorz Ekiert, Harvard University
  • Professor Stephen Hutchings, University of Manchester
  • Dr Maria Mälksoo, Brussels School of International Studies/University of Kent
  • Professor Susan Reid, Loughborough University
  • Professor Katrin Voltmer, University of Leeds
  • Professor Veljko Vujačić, European University at St. Petersburg

In addition, the conference committee now invites proposals for panels and papers and roundtables that target the themes listed in the Call for Papers, published on the conference site today. The call will be open until 14 May, 2018.