Belarus 2020 - Our researchers are following the situation

The scholars at the Aleksanteri Institute are following the developments in Belarus closely, and are available to comment for the media.

Professor Vladimir Gel'man's areas of expertise include Russian and post-Soviet politics and governance in a theoretical and comparative perspective with a special emphasis on political regime dynamics, political institutions, policy-making, electoral and party politics, regional and local government.
tel. +358 50 318 5701 (fluent in: Russian, English)

Doctoral candidate Kristiina Silvan studies youth activism and government-organised youth organisations in post-communist Russia and Belarus. She works as researcher at the Finnish Institute of Foreign Affairs in the field of Russian and Belarusian domestic policy and social movements, and politics and society in Central Asian states.
tel. +358 9 432 7754 (fluent in: Finnish, English)

Doctoral candidate Roman Urbanowicz uses Social and Cultural Anthropology in order to map out how the youth in  Belarus imagine their personal and collective future.
(fluent in: Russian, English, Polish, Belarusian)

Postdoctoral researcher Margarita Zavadskaya studies elections in post-Soviet states. She focuses on how perceived electoral malpractice affects electoral turnout and other politically relevant outcomes, and how  voters consume and process political information translated by the media.
tel. +358 50 329 7066 (fluent in: Russian, English)