A Look Back at our October Seminar

The first of two webinars and seminars organised by Helsinki Rule of Law Forum took place on 28-30 October 2021.

The recording of our webinar, held on Friday 29 October, can still be viewed on our website under the Events tab. 

We were delighted to host the majority of our resource persons live here in Helsinki and to have others join us virtually. Below, you can find some pictures of our guests and of the webinar and seminar. 

Picture of Director Alexander Stubb of EUI School of Transnational Governance giving his keynote speech at our webinar.

Alexander Stubb on "The politics of the Rule of Law in the EU". 

Picture of Kari Kuusiniemi, President of the Supreme Administrative Court, giving his keynote speech at the Helsinki Rule of Law Forum webinar.

Kari Kuusiniemi on "Looking in the Mirror: the Rule of Law Challenges in Finland".

Picture of the panelists at the Helsinki Rule of Law Forum webinar.

The panel discussion on ‘Is there a shared understanding of the concept of the rule of law in the EU?’

From right to left, moderator Pekka Pohjankoski (University of Helsinki) Leonard Besselink (University of Amsterdam), Xavier Groussot (University of Lund), Päivi Hirvelä (Supreme Court of Finland), Juha Raitio (University of Helsinki) and Allan Rosas (University of Helsinki). Paul Craig (University of Oxford) participated virtually. 

Picture of Allan Rosas at our seminar.

Allan Rosas as a panelist. 

Picture of Juha Raitio and Pekka Pohjankoski at our seminar.

Juha Raitio and Pekka Pohjankoski. 

Picture of the Helsinki Rule of Law Forum's resource persons at the seminar evening reception.

Seminar dinner.