A light in the dark: Perspectives on Helsinki by night

Urbaria organizes a webinar on the nightlife of Helsinki together with the City of Helsinki on April 16th at 14-16. The event will begin by a panel discussion held in Finnish. It is followed by presentations given by international experts in English around 15.10 o'clock. The webinar is open for everyone interested in, welcome!

In March 2020, a night liaison started to work at the city of Helsinki. The hidden potential of the city's night had been recognised even before that. When the night liaison started work, the coronavirus pandemic entered the picture as well. Work to develop and promote the night of the city has been carried out despite the exceptional circumstances. The first phase of the development of Helsinki by night is coming to an end and it is time to focus on the less acknowledged half of the day, the night, and its prospects.

Welcome to attend the A light in the dark: Perspectives on Helsinki by night webinar on the Helsinki Channel, Friday 16 April at 14:00-16:00. The event contemplates the night from different perspectives by focusing on the first phase of the development process and its measures, and by approaching the theme from an urban research perspective. The topic will be further explored by a thought-provoking panel discussion and international guest speakers.

The panel is attended by Post Bar club promoter and event organiser Joni Lindroos, Helsinki city centre vision architect Kerttu Kurki-Issakainen and city substance abuse services and Symppis activities expert Elli Peltola. As for the guest speakers, researchers Manuel Garcia-Ruiz and Jordi Nofre approach the theme from the perspective of relaunching nightlife during and after the pandemic, while pioneering night researcher Andreina Seijas focuses on the international aspects of nocturnal governance.

You can participate in the webinar by commenting and asking questions on the message wall. The event is arranged by the city of Helsinki and the Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies Urbaria and it is presented by Night Liaison Salla Vallius and Helsinki University docent in urban studies Giacomo Bottà. The international guests appear in English.

Please, find the the link to the Helsinki channel here.