Read Chemistry News 2020

The 2020 issue continues the magazine’s splendid tradition of introducing the study culture, people and research activities of the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki.

The magazine, published in electronic form, includes 26 articles authored by more than 30 individuals. The publication will be made available in print format after the quarantine period, hopefully no later than in early June. The magazine is a joint effort of the Department of Chemistry, for which particular thanks are in order to Johannes Pernaa, editor-in-chief.

“In the 2020 issue, we made some editorial updates to boost the readability of the magazine. The most important change is a clearer structure, with articles under a specific category following each other. This way, you can browse through one section of the magazine without having to look for individual articles throughout the publication,” Johannes Pernaa explains.

Additionally, new subject-specific themes were introduced, in this issue represented by the article category Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (ASC).

Teaching at the Department of Chemistry is being actively developed through the digital leap in education project, on which there are several articles in this issue. The development of digital features is topical, as capabilities in creating and utilising digital solutions are advancing fast in Finland and abroad.

Chemistry News is also strengthening its electronic publication activities. First off, the electronic distribution and storage of the magazine are being developed.

The latter has been advanced by archiving the magazine in the digital HELDA repository of the University of Helsinki. HELDA improves the readability of the magazine by providing, among other things, a permanent address, metadata and certain analytics in support of developing the magazine, for example, by making it possible to monitor download numbers.

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