Presentations in MRS2017

We participated in the 2017 MRS Meeting October 29 - November 3, 2017 in Sydney with the following presentations.

Mikko Voutilainen, Juuso Sammaljärvi, Eveliina Muuri, Jérôme Donnard, Samuel Duval, Marja Siitari-Kauppi. DIGITAL AUTORADIOGRAPHY ON C-14-LABELLED PMMA IMPREGNATED ROCK SAMPLES USING THE BEAVERTM. (oral presentation)

Ville Nenonen , Juuso Sammaljärvi, Mikko Voutilainen, Pierre Dick, Marja Siitari-Kauppi. POROSITY DISTRIBUTION IN A HETEROGENEOUS CLAY-RICH FAULT CORE. (oral presentation)