P4 FIT Edit­ing a Spe­cial Is­sue on 'Re­pair­ing the In­ter­face: Re­gen­er­at­ive Ten­dons'

We invite everyone to submit papers to our Special Issue for Stem Cells International

Lead Guest Editor:

Prof. Nicholas R. Forsyth, Keele University, UK (n.r.forsyth@keele.ac.uk)

Guest Editors:

Prof. Giovanna Della Porta, University of Salerno, Italy (gdellaporta@unisa.it)
Prof. Hélder A. Santos, University of Helsinki, Finland (helder.santos@helsinki.fi)
Prof. Nicola Maffulli, University of Salerno, Italy (n.maffulli@qmul.ac.uk)

This Special Issue is led by complementary international expertise. We will seek to establish a perspective on the state-of-the-art in stem cell-based solutions to understanding tendon biology, developing tendon repair solutions through controlled differentiation, presenting existing clinical approaches, and characterising hybrid system approaches incorporating stem cells, biomechanical forces, and biomaterial chemistry-driven solutions in the creation of future therapeutic approaches.

For details please visit the website in here

Authors can submit their manuscripts through the Manuscript Tracking System at:


Submission Deadline: Friday, 21 May 2021
Publication Date: October 2021