ViPS events in November 2021

Friday 12th, 14:00
Wine & Science Seminar
Ram Oren, Duke/UH
Nitrogen in forest ecosystems
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Wednesday 17th, 13:00
Invited Plant Seminar
Petra D`Odorico, WSL, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Birmensdorf, Switzerland
Uncovering hidden patterns in forests: How drone-based remote sensing can help to monitor tree responses to environmental pressures
Host: Matt Robson
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Wednesday 17th, 14:15
Plant Club
14:15 Sampo Muranen, OEB, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Work in progress: Function of LAZY1 in silver birch
14:35 Sonja Still, OEB, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Autumn phenology and the impact of elevated temperature on woodland strawberry genotypes (Fragaria vesca)
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Friday 19th, 1300-1900
ViPS meets LUOMUS @Kaisaniemi
ViPS visits our colleagues at the Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens (Finnish Museum of Natural History - LUOMUS). The program of the afternoon will include a tour around the glasshouses of the Botanic Gardens, listening to outlines of LUOMUS plant-related research, all followed by dinner in Restaurant Viola.

Wednesday 24th, 12:00
Special Plant Seminar
Denis Bourguet, Thomas Guillemaud and Marjolaine Hamelin, French National Research Institute of Agronomy and Environment (INRAE), and Peer Community In
Peer Community In: A free alternative to evaluate, validate (and publish?) preprints
Host: Tanja Pyhäjärvi
Location: Remotely via Zoom

Thursday 25th, 09.15 - 15.30
Special Mini-symposium
Reproductive development in plants - control of flowering time and growth cycle in crops
09.15-10.15 – Dr. Scott A. Boden, University of Adelaide, Australia
The floral transition and inflorescence development of bread wheat
10.15-11.15 – Associate Professor Jim Weller, University of Tasmania, Australia
Control of flowering time and growth cycle in (legume) crops
11.15-11.30 Break
11.30 -12.30 – Dr. Fernando Andrés, AGAP Institute, Montpellier, France 
Control of flowering in fruit trees
Lunch break
13.30-14.30 – Associate Professor Maria Eriksson, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden
The circadian clock and timing of Populus tree growth
14.30-15.30 –  Associate Professor Timo Hytönen, University of Helsinki, Finland 
Regulation of seasonal and perpetual flowering in strawberry
Hosts: Paula Elomaa & Timo Hytönen
Location: Remotely via Zoom