Colloquium is a meeting place for students and teachers in the Computer Science Master's Programme.

Starting from Autumn 2017, computer science students have been offered an opportunity to give a presentation of their Master's thesis in the Computer Science Colloquium event series. The audience consist of new students of the Master's Programme, as well as teachers and researchers.

One of the goals of the Colloquium is to increase the general awareness of the variety of topics being studied at the programme (see the above video for some examples). Hearing about different types of theses hopefully gives ideas for one's own future thesis topic. The event also works as a place for sharing information, asking guidance, gathering feedback, and finding new contacts for thesis supervision.

In addition to being a meeting place, Colloquium is also a 5 credit compulsory course for the students of the Computer Science Master's Programme. To gain the credits, active participation needs to be complemented by a learning diary and their peer-review (see an example written on the September 2018 event). To get more out of the events,  the students are encouraged to study the background articles provided by the presenters. One can also make a learning diary by studying some selected earlier Master's thesis.  

The agenda of coming events is gathered to this wiki-page. In the last event in September 2018 we had two Master's thesis presentations, two thesis topic presentations, and an introduction of a new Professor. Next event on 16th November 2018 consists of Master's thesis presentations and discussion on study experiences after first courses completed. In early January we will focus on summer work opportunities and career aspects. Later in the Spring 2019 we will have (in addition to regular events) study track specific events in parallel, and a longer semester-ending event with variety of program.  

Colloquium events are open to anyone interested in advanced topics in computer science!