University of Helsinki to participate in Pride week with events held and rainbow flags flown high on all campuses

Programming includes discussion sessions and calls for equality.

The University of Helsinki will take part in the official programming of Pride week by organising events and flying the flag for equality.

In the Do we hear the (critical) voice? event, the topic of discussion will be the many faces of gender and sexuality at work, as well as how equality is expressed in university instruction.  The event will be held on Wednesday, 27 June at 13.00–15.00 at Think Corner. It’s organised by the Equality Committee of the University of Helsinki and is part of the University’s Community Spirit, Diversity and Equality events. The event will be held in Finnish and English, with the aim to translate the presentations into Swedish.

During Pride week, the University will fly the rainbow flag for equality. Last summer, flags were hoisted outside Porthania, but this year they will be seen on all four campuses.

 “This year, the University will have more extensive and official programming during the week, which is why we wish to display the flags on all campuses. The events organised by the University are targeted at both members of the University community and the general public. Everyone is welcome,” says Timo Valtonen, equality adviser at the University of Helsinki.

Debate on diverse research and an exhibition at the University Library

For the first time, Helsinki University Library will this year take part in Pride week. In Sateenkaareva tutkimus Helsingin yliopistossa (“Multi-coloured research at the University of Helsinki), a panel discussion will delve into LGBTIQ research.

Scholars from various fields will discuss the consideration of gender and sexual diversity in research, and how matters of diversity feature in their own work. Among the participants are Emma Saure, a psychologist and doctoral student; Marjo Rantala, a doctoral student in law; and Pajtim Statovci, a writer and MA. The discussion, organised by Helsinki University Library and Helsinki Queer Students OVI, will be held in Kaisa House on Thursday, 28 June at 15.00–17.00.

Furthermore, diverse research and other material from the Library collections will be on display at an exhibition named Sateenkaaren päässä on tutkimus (“Research at the rainbow’s end”) on the third floor of the library facilities in Kaisa House.

Helsinki Pride is Finland’s largest culture and human rights event for sexual and gender minorities, this year taking place from 25 June to 1 July.

Check further details and schedules for the University’s programming on the University Facebook page.