Tom convenes session at EGU conference in Vienna

10.04.2018 Tom convened the "Interdisciplinary session on the global phosphorus cycle" at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

The session was held on Tuesday 10 April and included a broad range of oral and poster presentations on phosphorus cycling in soils, forests and aquatic environments. Phosphorus is a critical element for life on Earth, required by all organisms and thus a key natural resource for agriculture. Furthermore its release into the environment is responsible for the eutrophication of aquatic systems worldwide.Tom has led the convener team since 2016 and the session has developed into a focal point for networking within the European community of phosphorus geoscientists.

The EGU 2018 conference was attended by over 15000 scientists from 106 countries. The phosphorus session has been a fixture of the Biogeosciences programme since 2014.

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