Sami Jokinen's position in ABRU extended to December 2019

Jokinen will work within Tom Jilbert's Academy Research Fellowship project

Sami Jokinen will continue to work within ABRU until at least the end of 2019. Jokinen is a PhD student affiliated to Turku University, who has been employed since September 2018 within Karoliina Koho's Key funding project "Next generation tool for environmental assessment". He will now continue within Tom Jilbert's project "Sedimentary trace metals: unlocking the archives of past coastal marine hypoxia". The link between the two studies is Jokinen's ongoing research into trace metal accumulation in coastal sediments of the Baltic Sea. Trace metals in sediments may derive from human activities, such as combustion or industrial discharge, or from natural precipitation from seawater under low-oxygen conditions. Jokinen's work aims to identify the key processes controlling the enrichment of different metals in sediments, so that their use as proxies of past coastal hypoxia, or direct human impacts, can be determined.