REC recruits post-docs and a project planner

The Research Centre for Ecological Change (REC) has several post-doc positions and a project planner position open. The application period is 1.8.-11.9.2022.

The Organismal and Evolutionary Research Programme and the Helsinki Institute of Life Sciences invite applications for eight postdoctoral researchers in biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, community ecology, biodiversity science, statistical ecology, and statistics for a fixed term of 2-3 years with a possibility of continuation. There is some flexibility in the starting date, selected candidates can start as soon as possible and ideally by early 2023. Applications are also invited for a project planner position for a fixed term of 1.1.2023-31.12.2027 (job advertisement only in Finnish). In all positions, there will be a trial period of six months in the beginning.

The postdoc positions are part of the Research Centre for Ecological Change (REC) and are funded by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and the Ministry of the Environment. PIs of the Centre are professor Anna-Liisa Laine, professor Tomas Roslin, associate professor Jarno Vanhatalo and associate professor Marjo Saastamoinen.

The overreaching aim of REC is to generate a coordinated analysis of long-term ecological data to understand the drivers and consequences of global change on biodiversity. To unravel how populations, interactions between species in natural communities, and their effects on ecosystem functioning are responding to ongoing environmental change, the project takes advantage of the unique long-term datasets collected in Finland. REC also develops a state-of-the-art methodology for analyzing long-term spatially structured data sets within a joint species distribution modeling framework.

For more information on the positions, please see: