Open positions in a new Centre for Coastal Ecosystem and Climate Change Research

A new Centre for Coastal Ecosystem and Climate Change Research (CoastClim) is currently being established to bring together cutting-edge expertise in marine ecology, biogeochemistry, and atmospheric chemistry and physics to explore the role of coastal habitats and their biodiversity, for habitat-specific carbon storage and sequestration, GHG fluxes and aerosol production affecting radiative forcing in the coastal realm. We are now looking for senior scientists and technicians to join our Centre.

Our oceans are experiencing accelerating and profound changes that are compromising future sustainability. Multiple anthropogenic stressors, including climate change, has resulted in rapid deterioration of biodiversity and the associated ecosystem functions and services that underpin human wellbeing. Coastal ecosystems are highly productive and dynamic in terms of carbon cycling, greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes and aerosol formation, but our quantitative understanding of links between coastal biodiversity and atmospheric feedback is exceedingly limited. The combined biodiversity and climate problem in our oceans highlights the need for completely new trans-disciplinary approaches, that joins previously siloed science communities to take on these Grand Challenges. These issues are high on the global agenda, the focus for the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), and several sustainability goals (SDG’s) identified by the UN.

CoastClim is part of a spearhead strategic partnership between the University of Helsinki (UH) and Stockholm University (SU) that focuses on strengthening collaborative marine ecosystem and climate change research between our universities. The effort combines the major marine and atmospheric units at UH; i.e. Tvärminne Zoological Station (TZS) at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at the Faculty of Science, and the Baltic Sea Centre and Bolin Centre for Climate Research at SU. CoastClim offers a framework that will provide state-of the-art infrastructure and new integrative science by re-directing the efforts of our current science teams to deliver an in-depth understanding of the combined biodiversity and climate problem in coastal ecosystems. It provides an unprecedented opportunity for transformative new science.

With major new funding from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and several other funders, we are currently looking for senior scientists and technicians to join our Centre where Tvärminne Zoological Station administered by the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki, will serve as the host institution for the positions and the Finnish node and infrastructure for the joint centre with Stockholm University. Here we are building marine and atmospheric observation platforms that together with a fleet of research vessels will form the state-of-the-art infrastructure for the Centre. An additional senior scientist position in atmospheric sciences will be solicited by Academician, academy professor, Markku Kulmala at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (UH) to join the centre.

Rather than a formal application procedure we are inviting expressions of interest to scan for the best talent available to join the growing marine team. We are looking, broadly, for the following senior scientist positions in (1) benthic marine ecology, (2) marine ecosystems ecology, and (3) marine biogeochemistry. Moreover, we are looking for a dedicated (4) science technician to develop and maintain our new instrumentation platforms.

For the scientist positions, we are looking for advanced post docs to more senior scientists that have strong and well documented experience and track-records in their fields. We seek scientists that can develop successful research projects that have potential for further development and extramural funding. Successful applicants will work in a trans-disciplinary manner and foster collaboration within the Centre and be affiliated with both Helsinki and Stockholm Universities. CoastClim offers a vibrant research atmosphere with several senior scientists, post docs and a newly established interdisciplinary PhD-collegium.

In terms of experience and profile we are scanning broadly, however, the following are relevant profiles for the respective position including contact details for submissions of interest:

  1. Benthic marine ecology; experience in the ecology of seafloor communities and biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships, carbon cycling. Scientific diving skills essential. Contact:
  2. Marine ecosystems ecology; relevant experience may include carbon-cycling in pelagic ecosystems,  microbial ecology, energy flows, food webs, systems ecology, modelling of carbon and nutrients. Contact:
  3. Marine biogeochemistry; experience of benthic and pelagic biogeochemistry with focus on quantification of green house gases. Contact: and
  4. Science technician; technical skills in maintaining instruments, including automated aquatic and/or atmospheric measuring systems, experience of large datasets, field and laboratory experience. Contact:

Depending on experience, positions are offered for 5 years, with a potential for extension. We ask for a letter describing your skills and interest in joining our team, including a CV and the names of at least two referees. Positions will be negotiated, and salary levels defined depending on expertise and suitability for the job. Senior scientist net salaries range from 3500-5000€ per month and technician from 3000-3500€ per month. Positions are opened until they are filled, but keen candidates should submit their letters by October 30.

Prof. Alf Norkko, Tvärminne Zoological Station, University of Helsinki

Prof. Christoph Humborg, Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University