Karoliina, Myrsini and Iines at FORAMS 2018

ABRU was well-represented at the International Symposium on Foraminifera in Edinburgh, Scotland

Foraminifera make the world go round (if you ask any researcher who studies them). Every 4 years the International Symposium on Foraminifera (FORAMS) brings together the global community of scientists working on these famous marine protists. Karoliina, Myrsini and Iines all attended FORAMS 2018 in Edinburgh last week. As well as giving presentations themselves, it was a great opportunity to discuss recent advances and meet their collaborative partners, including Hidetaka Nomaki and Takashi Toyofuku (JAMSTEC, Japan), Clare Bird (Uni. Stirling, UK) and Gert-Jan Reichart (NIOZ, Netherlands).

Iines' presentation at FORAMS 2018

Iines Salonen at FORAMS 2018


Dinner with JAMSTEC colleagues

Dinner with colleagues from JAMSTEC


ABRU presentations at FORAMS 2018

Iines Salonen, Myrsini Chronopoulou, Elina Leskinen, Clare Bird, Gert-Jan Reichart and Karoliina Koho

Inside out – diversity and potential roles of the endobiont bacterial community of foraminifera (oral)

Myrsini Chronopoulou, Iines Salonen, Clare Bird, Gert-Jan Reichart, Karoliina A. Koho

Metagenomics offer insights into the identity and feeding behaviour of intertidal foraminifera (oral)

Karoliina A. Koho, Iines Salonen, Hidetaka Nomaki, Myrsini Chronopoulou, Dewi Langlet and Masashi Tsuchiya

A comprehensive look on the putative endobiotic community and ecology of deep-sea foraminifera Bolivina subornata (poster)

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See the website of FORAMS 2018.