Group day out at Isosaari

The group visited Isosaari to mark Myrsini's departure to a new job in the UK

ABRU had a day out on Helsinki's Isosaari island in July, to mark Myrsini's last month as part of the group. The island has been newly opened up to the public after many decades as a miltary base. As well as enjoying a picnic and a game of mölkky, we saw evidence of this summer's massive cyanobacterial blooms in the Gulf of Finland.


Cyanobacteria in the Gulf of Finland, summer 2018

Summer 2018 has been characterized by massive cyanobacterial blooms in the Gulf of Finland



ABRU picnic on Isosaari

Picnic on Isosaari


Jesse Harrison of ABRU playing mölkky

The traditional Finnish game Mölkky


ABRU in the forest on Isosaari

Isosaari has recently been opened to the public and has many hidden corners to explore