Finnish Scientific Diving Academy revitalises scientific diving in Europe

The Finnish Scientific Diving Academy is now being established to revitalise the training of scientific divers in Finland. The goal is to create a leading first class facility in cold-water based scientific diving based at Tvärminne zoological station in Hanko. Australian scientific diver Edd Stockdale is at the helm of the training program starting next April.

The Finnish Scientific Diving Academy (FSDA) will offer education for both professional scientists looking for specialist or more advanced training, student level courses to encourage the next generation of marine scientists and citizen scientists interested in developing their dive training in that area.

As the academy grows more specialist courses in polar research diving, underwater propulsion vehicles and other advanced technologies will be offered.

- The initial goal of the FSDA is to train European recognised scientific divers generating a new generation of marine scientists and one of the major courses being offered is the Advanced European Scientific Diver program, says coordinator Edd Stockdale.

At this point options for recognised scientific dive training are few in Europe and the forming of a dedicated academy within the university system is a very exciting move forward to establishing Finland as a leader in this area. Scientific diving is the occupational form of diving to carry out research and data recording underwater by trained teams, sitting separate to both sport and commercial/construction diving.

- Finland has historically always had a strong core of scientific diving research and technique development, both in marine biology and maritime archeology fields but due to the lack of funding there has not been any formal training for almost ten years. The new Academy will offer the range of training programs and consultancy expertise, that will make it a leading facility and great opportunity for both Finnish and overseas people looking for the next era in scientific dive training, says Joanna Norkko, research coordinator at Tvärminne zoological station.

Edd Stockdale is an Australian scientific diver and explorer with an extensive experience in managing and running research diving operations and expeditions. With both the background in technical diving and marine biology, in addition to a worldwide network in dive related industries, crossing over knowledge and skills from into the academies training programs will be a major advantage.

Finnish Scientific Diving Academy (FSDA) is funded by the Antero and Merja Parma Foundation and Weisell Foundation for an initial three years and based at the University of Helsinki Tvärminne Zoological Station where much of the research diving in Finland has traditionally been carried out.

The first training program will start in April 2022. Contacts for more details, course inquiries, funding or general inquires:

Edd Stockdale, FSDA Coordinator,, +358-50-410 8078