Dana Hellemann, Susanna Hietanen and col­leagues pub­lish a review study on the implementation of 15N isotope pairing technique (IPT) in sediments

The study in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods discusses the application and further developments of IPT, which is widely used to determine benthic nitrogen cycling in sediment in aquatic systems.

Former Academy Research Fellow Susanna Hietanen and ABRU PhD student Dana Hellemann and collaborators including Lund University, Sweden and Klaipeda University, Lithuania have published a review study in which they show that, when applying the whole-core 15N isotope pairing technique in different enviroments, it is important to follow certain steps and take various environmental parameters (such as regions colonized by seagrass) into account in order to generate accurate data. They further point towards both combining the whole‐core IPT with other methods and the potential of extending the areas of application, thereby improving our understanding of processes controlling N removal and retention in aquatic systems.

The article in the journal Limnology and Oceanography: Methods is open access and can be viewed here.