Dana Hellemann presents at FINMARI researcher meeting 2019

The 4th annual FINMARI Researcher Day was held at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki

Dana Hellemann of ABRU/MERG made an oral presentation at the 4th annual FINMARI meeting on "The role of sandy sediments in the aphotic coastal N filter of the Baltic Sea". Dana was one of several MERG researchers to participate in the event. Dana's talk focused on her PhD research, which was carried out in contrasting coastal environments in the Baltic Sea. FINMARI (Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure) is a network coordinated by the Marine Research Centre of SYKE, which allies research infrastructure of 4 Finnish research institutes, 3 universities, and a state-owned shipping company. By combining the equipment and support of these partners, it facilitates high quality marine research in Finland. ABRU/MERG researchers are closely involved in several collaborative projects with researchers from other members of the consortium.