PapyGreek Opening Colloquium taking place in Helsinki in June 7-8, 2018

ERC Starting Grant Project "Digital Grammar of Greek Documentary Papyri", or PapyGreek, will be launched in early June in Helsinki by organizing an Opening Colloquium. The Colloquium will gather together about 20 excellent scholars to discuss about the current state of the research relating to the PapyGreek project.

The PapyGreek Opening Colloquium will be organized at the University of Helsinki's Metsätalo room 9 (3rd floor) at Unioninkatu 40. 

Thursday, June 7th

13.00 Lunch, introduction and setting the agenda

13.45 Marja Vierros: ERC-project PapyGreek

14.15 Sonja Dahlgren: Studying Greek phonology in Egypt

14.45 Erik Henriksson: Developing the PapyGreek interface: some assembly required

15.15 Coffee and tea

15.45 Francesco Mambrini: Ten years of the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank: an


16.15 Dag Haug: The PROIEL corpora

16.45 Helma Dik: Can we unify the lexicon? Lumping and splitting

17.15 Discussion

17.45 End

Friday, June 8th

9.00Giuseppe Celano: An Automatic Morphological Annotation and Lemmatization for

the Papyri of the Integrating Digital Papyrology Project

9.30 Alek Keersmaekers: Possibilities for Natural Language Processing in the Greek papyri

10.00 Zach Fletcher: Perseids: current state of development and future plans

10.30 Coffee and tea

11.00 Stephen Colvin: Tense and aspect: the reorganisation of stative, perfective and


11.30 Klaas Bentein: Towards a typology of relative clauses in Post-classical Greek

12.00 Gabriel Bodard: The Digital Classicist and the need for digital linguistics

approaches for non-technical classics students and scholars

12.30 Final discussion

13.00 End

Pelase note that the registration to the event is required. Please registrate by June 1st to Coordinator katriDOTrostedtAThelsinkiDOTfi