Crosslocations in exhibition! Lena Malm & Philippe Rekacewicz: Sea between

Photographer Lena Malm and geographer/cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz bring a different kind of Mediterranean to culture center Stoa (Itäkeskus) in January (update: spring 2021). The photos and maps offer different perspectives and insights into themes and areas that are present in the work of Crosslocations research team.

UPDATE: Due to ongoing covid restrictions in Helsinki, the exhibition is postponed until later in the spring. We'll keep this page updated! 

What do the following have in common? Youngsters playing football in the streets of Egypt by night; Polish pilgrims travelling Greece on motorcycles; carpet sellers upholding traditions in a changing world in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul;
the public beach in Beirut; the movement of camels on disputed Palestine/Israel land; the shoreline of Melilla which borders the EU? 

The answer is the Mediterranean, photographer Lena Malm, cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz and Crosslocations. Join us from January 15 until February 19 in culture center Stoa (Helsinki, Itäkeskus) for a visual, thought-provoking adventure into the places and ideas that Malm, Rekacewicz and the Crosslocations research team have encountered and developed over the past years. 

In Sea between, Lena Malm's photographs speak of the intersections of different spheres of influence: what they reveal and what they leave unseen and unsaid. The object of curiousity here isn't the Mediterranean sea - the photographer's eye doesn't look to the sea but to the lands it's in between of.

Malm's work in Crosslocations is a unique adventure in combining professional photography with a multisited ethnographical research project spanning five years. She travelled with Crosslocations researchers on their fieldwork around the Mediterranean area. The photos seen are not a documentation of research; they are another way of seeing the same moments, meetings and landscapes that the anthropologists have been working with. The exhibition presents the fruits of this collaboration.

Philippe Rekacewicz has worked as the Crosslocations cartographer, examining questions of what the Mediterranean area really is and what is going on there on different scales, and seen from different perspectives. With his maps Rekacewcz creates innovative visualizations of the multifaceted relations of people and their actions.

The maps have taken Rekacewicz to Melilla, Istanbul, Cairo, Beirut and Jerusalem. It has also required research for creating a new kind of cartographic approach. The maps seen in the exhibition are a first peek into challenges of representation such as the simultaneous presenting of several interconnected simultanously happening events. For the viewer, the maps open windows into the realities of different systems and shed light on the research narratives they accompany.

Välillä meri - Sea Between

  • Culture center Stoa's gallery
  • Jan 15 to Feb 19, 2021
  • Opening hours:
  • Mon-Thu 8-20
  • Fri 8-18
  • Sat 10-16
  • Sun 12-18
  • Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus, Helsinki