University of Helsinki invests in data science

University of Helsinki invests in data science in the form of a new centre for data science, bringing together the research in data science conducted in different faculties of the university.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field about computational processes to extract knowledge and insights from data. Data science method and platform development is driven by the needs of different application areas. The aim of the centre is to create a world-class research and research-based education hub of data science in Helsinki, enabling to take and maintain international leadership in data science and to overcome technological challenges brought about by the digitalisation of society.

The university has applied for partial funding of this activity from the governmental funds for the strategic profiling of Finnish universities, intended to further improve the quality of research. Through Helsinki Institute of Information Technology HIIT, the new centre will be joint with Aalto University.

In addition to investments in research, the university has in 2016 established a new Masters programme in data science.